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Fei Luo is a Shanghai based photographer. Some friends call her Fish. She's born and raised in a quiet small town in Chongqing. There wasn't much entertainment back then. She killed her time doing painting, calligraphy and playing in the wild in her childhood . Then she wasted seven years studying in Wuxi. She graduated with an art master degree. 


She's 29. But she's still curious about this world as a new born baby. She's passionate about photography. Essentially it's her passion about life and nature. Bravery wasn't in her gene. She's just eager to catch that moment, to stop a stranger to take a portrait or to climb to rooftop to get sunrise photos. 

Fashion and architecture is her main work area. She's very sensitive observer. She has distinctive aesthetic cognition. She always put endless efforts in her projects to make them the best. She treat her project like a piece of art. She's using camera to paint the world she has seen and showing the part attracts her. She has done a few good projects with good clients and she's keen to work on more better projects.  Welcome for any photography assignment in Shanghai or anywhere on this planet!


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